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World Football Pro

SKU: 3ee71fac5954

Score the trophy-winning goal with World Football Pro from ICE! In this championship game players must win a penalty shootout against the mechanical goalkeeper. It’s all about skill and timing to get as many balls as possible past the moving keeper and at the back of the net before the time runs out—the higher the score greater the ticket winnings. A proven gameplay concept World Football Pro game will be enjoyed by players of all ages for years to come.

A unique game feature is that it automatically removes the ball from the playfield after every kick. This ensures that only one ball is in play at any given time. Players must press the cute football button to dispense a new ball.

The cabinet has a modern feel with slick artwork and edgy lighting. The low-profile durable side cages let spectators watch each nail-biting strike. Classic jumbotron display shows the scores, timer and high score. The kicking area is designed with safety in mind so it’s all about the fun. Great audio prompts and chanting spectator sounds motivate players to keep playing to improve their skills.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 173
Depth: 290
Height: 265
Dimensions: Package
Width: 173
Depth: 290
Height: 265