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Alley Bowler

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Non ticket

Alley Bowler is produced in Europe and probably this is the first Alley Bowler produced there. It is a simply, colorful device with great music and a modern software. Player all over the world love this classic game and operators love their full cashboxes even more.

Watch gameplay
Electronic Coin Mech
Ticket Dispenser
Bill Acceptor
Ready to install
Card system
Ready to install
Dimensions: Product
Width: 310 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Height: 240 cm
Weight: 255
Dimensions: Package
Width: 310 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Height: 240 cm
Technical specification

  • electronic coin acceptor COMESTERO RM5
  • reliable ball release system
  • multiplayer mode
  • linkable
  • 8 balls included
  • ticket dispenser and bill acceptor ready
  • easy and fast assembly
  • power supply 230v/50Hz or 110V (for American market)
  • power consumption 105 W (demo mode), 180 W (game mode)
  • Warranty; 12 Months

2 package in size (length x width x height):

  • 75x80x220 cm
  • 102x80x215 cm