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Pump It Up (LX) 20th Anniversary (XX) Edition

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This special edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of Andamiro’s Pump It Up music and dance legacy. The original Pump It Up game, with its five-step dance pad, was released in South Korea in August 1999, and soon reached North and South America, and Europe, as well as other parts of Asia. It’s now a pop culture icon around the world. The XX edition introduces several features to the player interface. These include renewals for song and step difficulties, and more than 100 reward titles. Both renewals and reward titles are key parts of the XX interface. Renewals allow players to continue (or “renew”) song-and-dance sessions from where they left off. Reward Titles are designations assigned to a player’s user ID; they could include “titles” like “advanced,” “specialist” and “newbie,” among many others. PIU-XX also has an online matchmaking system, which can “match” players of similar abilities and styles.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 178
Depth: 238
Height: 239
Weight: 499
Dimensions: Package
Width: 178
Depth: 238
Height: 239