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Hoop It Up

SKU: b6e146f36904

Swinging Bonus Players throw the ball through a movable hoop to win a swing bonus with a one-time, fun-filled throw that rises over five feet above the ground in the industry! Thrilling Ball Starting Neopix LED lights slide on the sides of the case after each exciting launch when players focus on the swing with a DOT matrix display. Available in 9′ and 11′ sizes.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 106,7
Depth: 96,5
Height: 304,8
Weight: 243,2
Dimensions: Package
Width: 106,7
Depth: 96,5
Height: 304,8
Technical specification

  • Game Type: Redemption, Merchandisers
  • Power Requirements: 110V @ 4.00 AMPS220V @ 2.50 AMPS
  • Available Options: Ball Dispensing Option, 9 FT Option