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SKU: 48de048b04d9
Non ticket

Glove is a classic boxer with simple design in the boxing theme that will fit in any venue. It measures up strength of the punch and is designed for indoor and outdoor use in amusement parks, fairs, pubs, cinemas, etc. The sides of the cabin illuminate with lights. This strength tester has 4 game types.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 70
Depth: 134
Height: 224
Weight: 150
Dimensions: Package
Width: 70
Depth: 134
Height: 224
Technical specification

  • Wheel of Boxing
  • Ticket dispenser
  • Thermal printer
  • Capsule dispenser
  • Internet connection modem
  • Second bill- or coin acceptor
  • Idle State: 21.6 Watts (0.17A – 0.19A)
  • Peak Usage: 426 Watts (3.5A – 3.6A)