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Whether you are in the mood to hit a punching bag or kick a soccer ball, you can now do both with IGPM’s Combo Boxer Prize machine. As the name implies, you can win a fun prize for playing!This great piece is two games in one, along with the appeal of a merchandiser. If you want to use the punching back, insert the credits and push the “Start Boxing” button. If you prefer to kick, push the Start Kicking button. The goal is the same as with any other similar machine, to hit either ball as hard as you can for the highest score. If you surpass a particular score level, you’ll win a prize from that category!‍

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 92 cm
Depth: 130 cm
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 160
Dimensions: Package
Width: 92 cm
Depth: 130 cm
Height: 152 cm
Technical specification

  • 2-in-1 sporting game that allows users to test their punch or kicking strength.
  • High quality punching bag/soccer ball & bladder with padding in front of each bar.
  • 4 Game Modes Available: Power, Speed, Reflex & Tournament
  • Support up to six players
  • Large red numerical LED scoring displays present the High Score, current score, and prize value thresholds
  • Double layer front panel for machine protection