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Storm Rider 2 Twin Motion

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Storm Rider 2 is a new motion-based motorbike racing game for arcades and FEC’s so, riders start your engines! The impressive two player cabinet with futuristic bikes and impressive fully lit billboard captures players attention at any location. The motion delivers an unprecedented immersive racing experience. Combined with stunning graphics produced by the Unreal Engine and Boost function players will experience blazing fast speeds.

The game uses advance AI making the game play ideal for casual and core gamers. The highly immersive 4 racetracks take players across various locations with spectacular sceneries. Players can compete in single player campaign or challenge your friends in epic four bike multiplayer race. The unique bike upgrade system plus three bikes and three characters, encourages players to play again and again.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 306
Depth: 267
Height: 249
Weight: 950
Dimensions: Package
Width: 306
Depth: 267
Height: 249