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Razing Storm

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Namco first innovated the light-gun shooter with their pedal-cover/reload system in Time Crisis. Then they gave the idea a machine gun upgrade in Crisis Zone. Now with Razing Storm, they have combined elements of both of those games and put it into a great package!

In this pseudo-sequel to Crisis Zone, players once again are facing up against a heavily armed terrorist group who have taken over civilian facilities. Razing Storm’s gameplay revolves around the use of the action pedal: step on the pedal to attack, and release it to hide and reload.  All of the action for one or two players is contained on a single 60″ DLP screen.

Also like in Crisis Zone, the environments are fully interactive – Buildings, furniture, windows, appliances, you name it; everything can be destroyed! That virtual destruction is expanded upon by the use of a wider array of weapons such as rocket launchers. Can you stop the terrorists before it is too late?

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