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Monster Eye

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Non ticket

Cinematic gameplay! Friends, couples, family members. have fun and play together! 5 stages – Ocean Park, Forest Train, China Town, General Station, Secret Stage. Body motion capture – Use your body to control the role-Dodge, Swim, Motion Event! Shanking seat – The seat will shake as the game. Energy blast – Press the S button to activate the energy blast. Air blow – When the monster roar, you will feel its breath.

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Electronic Coin Mech
Ticket Dispenser
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Card system
Ready to install
Dimensions: Product
Width: 180,4
Depth: 279,6
Height: 225
Weight: 700
Dimensions: Package
Width: 180,4
Depth: 279,6
Height: 225
Technical specification

  • Release 2014-07-16
  • Producer IGS
  • Power 1500W
  • Monitor Size 55″LCD