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Monster Drop Xtreme

SKU: a236ae17af51

Consistently rated as’ the highest paid ‘in readers’ surveys of industry entertainment articles. A determined must have for each game room. A simple formula for the player, which equals the operator’s success. Extremely impressive presentation with a diagonal of 13.5 inches in a compact shape. Total ticket premium. X-treme size ideal for a large arcade. Player should time the drop of the high-energy ball so it falls through the JACKPOT, the MYSTERY VALUE, or TICKET WIN VALUES. Even if they miss, the ball bounces and careens around before dropping in a hole, so they WIN EVERY TIME!

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 275
Depth: 135
Height: 410
Weight: 90,7
Dimensions: Package
Width: 275
Depth: 135
Height: 410
Technical specification

  • 2 Player Ball Drop
  • 36,000 Ticket Capacity
  • 2 Intelli-Triple
  • Ticket Dispensers
  • Card Swipe Capable
  • 1 Year Warranty