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Jam Session

SKU: 426984d4c1ab

Jam Session by Bay Tek Games brings the electrifying experience of guitar rock to the redemption center.As with other quick coin games, the way to play is simple while the energy behind this game is contagious. All you have to do to jam along is release the token down the neck of the guitar into the constantly spinning target. There are multiple cut-outs with different values to go for, drawing players to jam out again. When the target is hit, the wheel rises up revealing bonus targets worth double tickets. The players really will be rockin’ when they hit a bonus target twice, with the potential to win up to 1000 tickets.‍

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 79
Depth: 110
Height: 211
Weight: 135
Dimensions: Package
Width: 79
Depth: 110
Height: 211