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SKU: a8155b0ea02b

The new ability retention feature allows players to both stop the spinning wheel and drop the ball to get the value of displayed tickets or win a bonus in one bounce! Hot Smokin graphics and LED packet with light intensity adjustment feature Has a four-digit display for higher payouts. Easy to maintain! Rockin ‘sounds and snapping mode with hot guitar licks!

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 84
Depth: 102
Height: 209
Weight: 150
Dimensions: Package
Width: 84
Depth: 102
Height: 209
Technical specification

  • 1 Player Ball Drop
  • 18,000 Ticket Capacity
  • 1 Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser
  • DBA Ready
  • Card Swipe Capable
  • 1 Year Warranty