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Fast & Furious Arcade

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Raw Thrills has been making amazing driving games for the last couple decades. It’s been an unending string of hits – from the original “The Fast and the Furious”, to “Drift” and “SuperCars”, and then “Cruis’n Blast”, our biggest driver ever. For each new simulator, our goal is to blow away everything that came before. It’s gotten so hard, that for our new game we’re throwing any and everything at it to blow away every driving game in history !!!!

We’re talking THRILL-D motion, Killer 5 channel audio to die for. Standard 43” screen? FORGETABOUTIT !!! We got not one, but 2 x 65” UHD screens!!!!! A sparkling LED bejeweled, comfy driving cockpit! You name it – it’s there and more…

-Secret Missions!!!
-6 Wild Tracks!!!
-Link up to 8 Games!!!!
-Incredible DRIFTING !!!!
-Shortcuts Galore!!!
-8 Super Cars!!!
-QR Code Stats!!!

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 393
Depth: 305
Height: 366
Weight: 345+304+19
Dimensions: Package
Width: 393
Depth: 305
Height: 366