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Chancellor II Pyramide

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Chancellor is an example of a russian pyramide table that combines elegance and simplicity. Chancellor II is furnished with sturdy slate top proffesional billiardcloth. There is an option of installing wooden cover on it so that it could serve as a dining or conference table. Available in 10ft or 12 ft.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 157-206 cm
Depth: 284-385 cm
Height: 85 cm
Weight: 800
Dimensions: Package
Width: 157-206 cm
Depth: 284-385 cm
Height: 85 cm
Technical specification

  • Wood: ash or oak
  • Slate thickness: 38 – 45 mm
  • Standard colours: rustic, brow, mahogany
  • Standard cloth colours: yellow – green, blue – green, blue, red
  • Cloth: Eurosprint RusPro
  • Cushios: Russian Pyramid K55 profile
  • If Standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables

Sizes (length x width x height cm):

  • 10ft: 314x172x85
  • 12ft: 385x206x85