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Boxer Prize

SKU: f8018973b0d8
Non ticketPrize

Prize is a classic strength tester. Players can see how string they are by punching the punching bag and receiving a score for their punch. Play with friends to see who is the strongest. Great game for a bar, arcade or club.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 70
Depth: 125
Height: 223
Weight: 125
Dimensions: Package
Width: 70
Depth: 125
Height: 223
Technical specification

  • Ticket dispenser
  • Thermal printer
  • Capsule dispenser
  • Internet connection modem
  • Second bill- or coin acceptor
  • Idle State: 21.6 Watts (0.17A – 0.19A)
  • Peak Usage: 426 Watts (3.5A – 3.6A)