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Allstars Basketball

SKU: c2463872bf55

Elevate your basketball game with Sega Amusement’s Allstars Basketball. An innovative new game that puts a unique twist to the classic sports game. This redemption game features a massive 65” vertical screen displaying colourful animations during attract and gameplay. Which not only helps attract players but also encourages them to keep playing and compete versus there friends or family.

In single-player mode, the player must get the minimum score to progress through the four-game levels. This entertaining gameplay also has three difficulty options, making Allstars Basketball perfect for players of all ages. Game results evaluates players’ performance with statistical analysis that encourages players to improve their hoop shooting skills and play again and again.

Allstars Basketball truly shines with its multiplayer mode by creating a fun, socially competitive game environment. Players can compete against their friends in a best of three, with six unique game challenges to go head-to-head.

This Allstars game is bold with sporting colours, slick edge lighting, and is sure to impress players at your location.

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Dimensions: Product
Width: 103
Depth: 242
Height: 257
Weight: 300
Dimensions: Package
Width: 103
Depth: 242
Height: 257